Sombrero Beach Florida; now heavy winds

Happy Holidays to you all. We are enjoying our time here in Boot Key Harbor. We took advantage of the one perfect day and spent it on Sombrero Beach.  My toes hit the sand; I’m so happy.  After the beach, at night we got a bit tipsy on the bow of the boat singing Christmas songs.  Not sure our neighbors appreciated our singing.

The next day after the beach, we have battened down all hatches and moved anything that could flyaway. We are having a week of heavy winds.  This is wind alert. The little blue dot is us. The wind is non stop.


This is George. He is a lazy cat during the day.  He has an open door at night and loves exploring the deck.  It is so funny watching him hang his head over the side staring into the water. You just know he is seeing sea critters. 


This is a small portion of Boot Key Harbor. We are on the East side this year; on mooring ball C-14.  Last year we were on Q-3 near where this photo shows.


This is Book Key Harbor Marina. It’s not like our marinas back up in Michigan. This Marina has dinghy docks for us to dock at. These really tall poles are new. They just rebuilt this area after hurricane Erma. The two smaller boats you see are pump-out boats. Everyone is assigned one day a week that the poop-butt boat comes out and cleans out your poop tank. (IT’S FREE) We do tip them. 


This is the channel East of the harbor. We are headed over to Sombrero Beach


I like watching the Pelicans. Bryce says they have a face only a mother could love. 


We had to turn into the channel that leads us though the anchorage of Sisters Creek


Not really sure if you can see the boats in this photo I had to take it into the sun. but anyways. When I talk about getting on the wait list for a mooring ball this is where we love to anchor. 


It seems like this dinghy as taken up residency I know I saw it in the mangroves last year. lol


These are the US Government propaganda towers sending radio to Cuba.  Best not to anchor in line of these, because they cause all kinds of electrical anomalies on the boat due to their high power and focused beam.


As we continued on to the beach we noticed kayakers coming in. I can’t believe we left our kayaks at home. 


Sombrero Beach this is the West side. We pull our dinghy up on shore.


Look… my toes are loving the sand and for all my Fitbit pals my fit bit is on.


Bryce and I play musical chairs in the shade of the palm tree. I like the sun kissing my skin he likes the shade cooling him down. lol  It was too windy for our umbrella.


This is still such a pretty area to walk and explore the coral. Just remember you need something on your feet.


We think they are adding more sand to build up the beach. It’s funny to watch everyone play on the small mound of dirt.


This little guy is going to need a good bath. He was making sand angels because as you know not everyone can make snow angels. Merry Christmas little man. 


Well, that’s a wrap. Thanks so much for following our blog. Red rose

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