Merry Christmas From Boot Key Harbor, Florida

Merry Christmas, From our boat to your home. We are still in Marathon celebrating the holidays. 

On Christmas day. I stood on shore waiting for the food line to shorten before standing in a long to get food. I saw this couple come in on their sailing dinghy. I think I would like to try a sailing dinghy.


The line for the great feast was even longer than this photo.  The sad thing is much of the food was gone by the time the line ended and we got there!! They announced 180 people showed up for Christmas dinner.


This is a close up view of the new (outer) docks after Erma took out the older docks.  They really are nice dinghy docks.  There is much more dingy dock space than before.


Here are some acquaintance we have met from S/V Purdy Suite they are unfortunately being towed back to their boat. It’s sad they have a small Mercury like us.  Those small four strokes aren’t worth a dime!  We are also having periodic issues with ours.  Carburetors are a big issue.  You would think in this day and age, we could get a reliable gas engine.


We headed back to Beauty to turn on the Christmas lights and watch the dinghy parade from our deck.

dinghychristmas Collage

Okay here is a view of Beauty with her lights all lit up. We didn’t have any lights when we arrived here but Bryce asked what I thought about ordering some. I really didn’t think we would be able to put the lights up with the high winds. But Mr. Engineer figured out how to outwit the wind.  As you can see.  They are quite cool.. Even has a star at the top!!  A total of 800 LEDs on our 60 foot Christmas tree.   

Beautylights Collage

Thank you all for following our blogRed rose

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