Cruising Season Cut short

This was a strange cruising season.  We were headed to Puerto Rico and then the earth quake hit.  So then we decided to head to the Bahamas and the Covid19 hit.  I guess we just were not meant to leave the US this year.

Given the current world situation we decided to haul Beauty out early this year. Although it is heartbreaking, It was the best thing for us to do. As we cruised up the ICW we noticed a few Marina closures. What would we do if we could not get water, food or even fuel. So we made the decision to haul out.  We also had some issues at home. I will say this; we have been treated with great respect from the team at Green Cove Springs boat yard.  They are a great bunch of people. When I called up to see if it was possible to get hauled out earlier, Lorie said to head up that way and to keep an eye on whether the state closes them down or not.  We would just have to play it day by day.

It had only been a week since we left Boot Key Harbor in Marathon when the order came in to close down the Keys. All visitors must leave! I suppose we headed up north just in time. When we arrived up by Cocoa we found out that the Canaveral lock was closed so we had to continue up the ICW No Ocean going sailing. That was fine with me the view was very pretty on our journey north.  

We pulled into the anchorage at Titusville and Bryce fueled up the boat. The lad at the dock said they weren’t taking any transient boats at this time only people with reservations. The following morning we headed North again.  We went to one of my favorite anchorages in Mosquito Lagoon.  


This is one of the Islands along the way as we headed towards Haulover Canal; just off the Indian River. The birds really like it here.


This is the tip of Haulover Canal as we by passed it.  This area is always full of people fishing.


The Haulover Bridge opens for us. It’s funny the first time we came though here we saw alligators but we haven’t seen any over the past few years.  This leads us into Mosquito Lagoon.


This person was fishing off his kayak. He said he wasn’t having any luck.


What a cute Pelican. I told it to smile given it was on camera; but it was a bit shy.


I just love the view here at the tip of Haulover Canal.


After anchoring in Mosquito Bay we took the jet-ski out to explore the surrounding Islands.


Look at that smile. Bryce loves the beaches…


The shore line was lined with seashells


As the East winds blow the waves against the shoreline, you can see the relentless effects of erosion.  


We anchored the jet-ski and explored a few of the island. This area is lined with several areas to explore but some of them will have to wait till the next time. 


The water is so clean you can see the shells as we walked to shore. I tried my best not to step on them.


After we passed though the St. Augustine Bridge, we continued on our way North. We pulled a 12 hour day and we made it to exchange Island.


As we approached the St. John River we could see the dredging  going on to allow the big ships to come up the river.


We literality had to zig-zag around them. 


These tug boats push the barges around. Notice all the tires they use for bumpers.


As we motored passed Jacksonville we could see the crew ships docked. Many of the still had people on them. Workers were not allowed to get off the ship.


This is Norwegian Sun Underneath the red top we could see people relaxing. When we were out sailing in the Atlantic Ocean We could see cruise ships out waiting to arrive into port.  A few of these ships were quarantined because of Covid19 cases on the ship.


We ended up having to wait for the train to pass before they lifted the train bridge.


Finally R & R in the St. John River. We anchored for a few days as we waited for haul-out day to arrive.  We were being hauled out on Monday but we went in a day early. We felt like total snobs because we didn’t mingle much with anyone; It felt weird! People were walking around talking and here we are sitting on the boat.  We did talk to many that walked by from our boat as they stood on the dock.


The amazing team at Green Cove Springs hauled us out. Here Beauty sits until the fall. Last summer we purchased this little motor home to help us transition between Florida & Michigan. 


Thanks to all of you who follow us!Red rose We apology for the delay in this blog. 

5 thoughts on “Cruising Season Cut short

  1. I am so sorry that your trip has been cut short. I was on a cruise right before one of the earthquakes hit Puerto Rico. The water was very choppy. Then covid-19 pretty much turned life upside down for all of us. It sounds like things fell together for you so that you were able to get back where you needed to be.and safely.

    Your blog posting is very interesting reading and the pictures are lovely. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me. I really enjoy feed back 🙂 sometimes I think I write to the wind and nobody reads it. Hope your cruise was fabulous and you made it back safely.


  2. Hello Jane and Bryce! Was so excited to see your post and I think you told me before that you were cutting the year short. With your pictures and words I could mentally follow you on your trip North, remembering when we were cruising the same Waters. Our boat is still not ready, and at this point we’ll just bring it up and cruise around Tennessee and maybe Alabama for a while, instead of trying to continue our Loop. Like you say marinas are closed. Delighted you have your motorhome so you can safely make it up north. Keep us posted on your adventures. It’s not like being with you but I guess it’s as good as we’re going to get! Not sure if I told you, but we went to middle Europe , Prague Budapest, Vienna and some delightful places in between last fall. We joined Rodger and Chris from Aurora, on a trip with Overseas Adventure Travel. Small group smart people fun to be with. Landlocked as we are I’m itching for a trip , but of course it’s not a good time to travel . until we see you again stay safe stay smart and be well!


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